Turkish Course Registrations Within The Context Of TÖMER Have Started

13 Eylül 2020 Pazar

  • Turkish course registrations within the context of TÖMER have started.
  • Course fees are 5000 TL.
  • According to the decision of our university, the courses will be held by distance education method.
  • Courses will start on September 28, 2020.
  • Lessons will be held on ‘Skype’ and ‘Zoom’ programs.
  • Our students will continue their education with the lecturer specified in the class lists to be announced. Students should send their phone numbers and e-mail addresses to the relevant lecturer for communication.
The e-mail addresses of the lecturers are given below.
Lect. Osman ALBAYRAK osmanalbayrak_1986@hotmail.com
Lect. Özlem AKTAŞ ozlem282828@hotmail.com
Lect. Gör. Cihat BIÇAKCI uzman28@hotmail.com
Lect. Gönül DELİCE gonul_dlce@hotmail.com
Lect. İlyas AKGEDİK akgedikilyas@gmail.com
Lect. Osman KARA osman_kara20@hotmail.com
Lect. Ahmet ÇAĞLAYAN ahmetcglyn34@gmail.com
Lect. Emine Devlet ÇOLAK memhimce@gmail.com